Useful resources

We compiled a list of organizations that offer resources that can be helpful for nonbinary people in Berlin. We also tried to specify the languages in which they can offer these resources.

Although their offer is not especially aimed at nonbinary people, their counseling centers have plenty of resources and info that are helpful.


  • TrIQ e.V. TrIQ is a social center and an active political and cultural association. They offer social counseling (help with unemployment benefits, jobcenter, social allowance and legal aid), trans* and inter* consulting, counseling for transsexual workers, Trauma-Ambulanz and systemic life coaching. Counseling is offered in person, as well as per email or by phone. Languages: German, English, French, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Czech and Turkish. They also offer interesting social events, see below.

  • Sonntags-Club e.V. An event, information and counseling center with a wide array of counseling offers: psychosocial counseling (coming out, identity, relationship, sexuality, crisis, and more); legal advice (antidiscrimination, employment, criminal and tenancy law); and relationship counseling for queer couples; The consultation takes place in one-time personal meetings or series of consultations, as well as by telephone and e-mail, if necessary also in English. It is free, donations are welcome.

  • LesMigraS LesMigraS is engaged in antidiscrimination and antiviolence work. They organize events and actions to strengthen and connect migrants / black lesbians, bisexuals and trans* and people of color. They offer counseling and a hotline dealing with violence and discrimination; violence in lesbian trans* and inter* relationships; legal advice on asylum & residency law. Counseling can be done in person, on the phone or email. Languages: English, Arabic, French, Persian, Kurmancî, Turkish and German. For other languages they work together with translators.

  • Queer Leben A counseling center for inter* and trans* and queer persons of all ages, their parents and relatives. They provide counseling on all questions related to gender identity and self-determination. Their website offers information in German, English and Turkish.

  • ABqueer e.V. offers educational events and advice on gender and sexuality, with a focus on lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and queer people. In cooperation with TrIQ e.V., they advise on all questions concerning transgender and intersexuality. They also participate in social and scientific debates on anti-discrimination work, gender and sexuality. All the information in their website is in German.

  • Jugendnetzwerk Lambda counseling and different projects for for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people between 14-27 years old.

Groups & Social Events

  • Monthly meeting for nonbinary people Our meetup, of course! We meet every 1st Monday of the month and often hang out in other social events during the month.

  • Tin-Bar an event for non-binary, inter and trans people to meet, exchange, connect, to discuss and listen, to network, to hang around, to built up support networks. Every 3rd Thursday of the month.

  • TrIQ e.V. offers a lot of regular meetings in different languages. You might be interested in weder* noch*. Check this link for all the groups and meetings.

  • Enby-birds regular meetings for nonbinary people between 14-27 years old. At the moment, is currently not taking place, new group organizers are being sought.

  • JFE Queer is new queer youth center in Mitte and they are organizing meetings in german for nonbinary people between 14-21 years old.

  • Trans*/NB Book Club is a group that started in January 2020. They are reading and discussing very interesting trans/non-binary books in english once a month.

If you know of any event or organization that is not listed here that need to be added, please get in touch via email and share it with us. We will add it to this list.

Last update: 2020.01.31