Trans*Pride Berlin 2021

Hello trans*, inter*, nonbinary and all queer people!

We are here on this stage to reclaim the legal recognition of our nonbinary identities!

We are, an active community of nonbinary people that’s been around since 2018. We meet regularly, support each other, have fun, talk about problems we face, play games or just hang out. Many of our discussions are related to the struggle of changing our names and legal gender and getting rid of our dead names on all kinds of paperwork.

We started organizing as a group to be politically active. We organized and joined demonstrations and put pressure on institutions and companies to change their gender binary policies. We do informative events and accompany people administrative offices. No one should face bureaucracy alone.

The law for gender self-determination (in German: Selbstbestimmungsgesetz) was turned down by the German Bundestag this year. It was drafted in collaboration with inter-, nonbinary and trans-advocacy organizations and emphasized the constitutional right for self-determination. It was meant to replace the 40-year-old Transexual Law (TSG), remove limitations from the current Personal Status Law (PStG §45b), which currently serves inter* people only partially and excludes gender nonbinary people entirely, and set legal sanctions against institutions and organizations who break it.

Along with the gender self-determination law another proposal was made, aimed at stopping medically unnecessary genital and reproductive surgeries in non-consenting inter* minors, and defining financial compensation for those who have been subjected to them. While during discussions and on social media, many Bundestag representatives across the political spectrum, including several coalition members, claimed to support the law, when the time came to vote, the entire coalition, including the SPD, and even several Linke members, voted against, showing how much they really care about our constitutional human rights.

We demand to get rid of the TSG and open gender self-determination for everyone!

Everyone even cis and dyadic people can understand how important it is to have an ID that represents who you are.

Elections are upcoming in September. We call all of you here to support this cause by pressuring the political parties to approve a law which guaranties these rights.

We don’t need bureaucracy and pathologization!
We want everyone to freely choose their gender!
We want everyone to freely choose their names!

If you are nonbinary or questioning your gender and are looking for others like you, join our community. You don’t need to fight alone. You can find us online at Contact us and join our online community and in-person meetings.

Trans* rights are human rights!
Inter* rights are human rights!
Nonbinary rights are human rights!

Last update: 2021.07.10